Rowan Bailey

15 March, 2023

Is this the best CBD affiliate program in the UK? 

Easy commision, no minimum payout, paid monthly. Simple! 

There are many ways to make money online. Some people promote digital products, like apps or websites. Others work with companies that make goods or services. Still others create content for other sites.

Many people choose to become online affiliates and make money by promoting a specific brand or product. If you’re a fan of CBD oil as an effective part of your routine for various ailments, then this article will interest you. Becoming an affiliate for cannabidiol (CBD) products is an excellent way to earn some extra cash as its an industry where a lot of customers rely on feedback of others. So if you've had great success trying our products in the past, then there's no better advocate, and as such, it's only fair that we can repay you for helping reffer new customers our way! 

CBD oil has gained quite a bit of traction in the past few years, but a particular surge recently due to the rise in the medical cannabis community in the UK. With thousands of legal patients being prescribed THC alongside a CBD regiment, more and more people are looking into CBD as an effective natural alternative to opiods, SSRI's and other 'traditional' medications. 

Recent studies are continuing to shine a positive light on the benfits of CBD use, and having been in this industry for the past 4-5 years we've seen the impact it has had on customers time and time again. In fact, CBD oil is considered one of the most popular supplements at the moment because of this. 

So if you’re looking to join the millions of users onlinethat are making money online as an affiliate marketer, why not jump into our affiliate/ ambassador program and get started on your affiliate journey! 

We jump into our program and affiliate marketing in general below so scroll down to find out more! 

Best cbd ambassador program
Best CBD affiliate program UK

Table of Content

  • What is a CBD Affiliate Program?
  • Why Join a CBD Affiliate Program?
  • Why we believe we're a great company to work with
  • Grab your link & code to earn your first comission! 
  • How get more reach
  • Conclusion
Become a CBD ambassador or affiliate

What is a CBD affiliate program?

A CBD Affiliate Program is where you make money by promoting / recommending products to others via your own unique discount code/ link, and in return we pay commission for every successful resulting sale. These programs often have the ability to add affiliates to your line, meaning you make a little extra commission for every sale they make as well.

Here’s how it works: You sign up for FREE and make a note of your unique code and affiliate link. Then when someone asks what’s product you use, you can send them your link, or help with with a discount!

If you are wanting to level up and for this to become a real side hustle, then there are a few options. You may want to look into using your link in blogs, social media posts, in answers on reddit/ quora, as well as other channels where you may have traffic regularly coming through. The great thing about this approach is that once you’ve added the link to a blog/ website or even an ad that gets traffic, you’ve done your work, and can just wait for someone to click through and make a purchase! If done right by implementing SEO strategies, or if you already have a strong audience/ organic reach, this can quickly become quite profitable! There's nothing stopping you building multiple blog posts, or websites to broaden your net. 

“It's a no brainer for a lot of our regular customers, as they're already being asked about the products when those around them notice the difference, or when talking about their experiences trying CBD in the first place. So naturally, as a small business we wanted to give back to customers who helped spread word of mouth organically like this.

Since our affiliate program has grown to new heights, and it's really shown that whether you're someone who makes the odd referal, or someone more tech savvy pushing large volume, that that bump in money at the end of the month can make all the difference!

This way, when we succeed, so do you!

All we ask is that with any materials/ recommendations that you are honest, and that means the good comes with the bad! We want to sell products that are suitable and effective for people. The rest takes care of its self!”

 - Rowan Bailey, Director, Infinity CBD.

Why join a CBD affiliate program?

Now that you know what a CBD Affiliate Program is, you might be wondering why you should join ours. Here are a few key reasons why you should join a CBD affiliate program if you are interested in making money online:

Earn money for FREE! 

There's no hidden costs to sign up to become an affiliate, and we also don't have a minimum payout amount either. So from your first succesful refferal you'll have comision to be paid out the end of the month. 

Our best selling drops are the 2,000mg drops seen to the right, at £49.99 that makes your commision per sale £9.99!

No one is immune to the extra squeeze in monthly costs these days, so for those of you who already recommend our products to others, it makes sense to take advantage of this program and earn that little extra! 

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Best organic CBD Oil Drops UK extra strong
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Helping others choose

CBD is a very complex subject, and with so many brands out there, confusing terminology, and conflicting reports of what to look out for.

This can be very frustrating as a customer looking for something that will work for their needs. We do our best to focus on education around CBD, what to look for, and provide this information on our website as well as with all deliveries. However, nothing comes close to talking to a unbiased review from an existing customer.

Real world word of mouth can give peace of mind to someone not knowing where to look, what to try, and also helping them avoid spending more than they may need to! As much as we are a business, and have bills to pay, we would rather have customers who spend less using a product that is effective for them, than over spend by trying lots of different things first putting them out of pocket.

By being an affiliate and offering your advise and experience, you can help guide them to the right product for them, or perhaps in fact away from the products altogether depending on their needs!

Best natural CBD Balm Infinity CBD

Why we believe we're a great company to work with

One of the most important things you can do when joining a new affiliate network is to look into the company thoroughly. This ensures you're working with a company you can rely on, and in turn so can your referals! 

What to check for :

1. You will want to make sure that the affiliate program you choose is legitimate and that you will get paid for your referrals.
2. You will want to make sure that the business is trustworthy and produces great quality products so your referrals are happy.
3. You will want to make sure that the products you are promoting are legitimate, legal and compliant so that you aren’t involved in promoting illicit products.
4. You will want to make sure that the company is able to support your referrals if you should gain a large volume of orders through your link.

In order to help you get started with checking us out, as well as provide peace of mind with our affiliate program, here's some info about us:  

Working in a CBD lab in the UK Infinity CBD

We're not a faceless company, look to over there, it's me, Rowan! 

Since 2018 many of you have already met me in person whether in store, exhibiting at an expo at the NEC, at one of our educational talks around CBD, or just through our social channels/ video content. 

From the start this has been a small team, with big dreams. We have always been open about who we are, our ethos about our products, and goals for the business in the long term.

So when it comes to out to checking the legitimacy of our CBD affiliate program, you know that we're not a website that can disapear overnight, but a real company, run by real people.  

Furthermore, we're always on hand to help answer any questions you may have! 

Quality products for affiliate marketing 

The last thing you want is to promote a product that people don't like, or doesn't work. Thankfully, we have the social proof through our reviews, and user generated content online to show that these products are effective, and used daily by our customers. 

Our core product line hasn't changed since inception back in 2018/2019 when we started developing them alongside support groups for chronic pain, as well as other real world CBD users. 

Before launching any products we make sure they're effective, and priced in a way that is accesible to those in need! 

quality cbd affiliate products

Compliance, compliance and a cheeky little dusting of COMPLIANCE!

Those of you who met me at the beginning of this adventure vs now will notice i've started colleting grey hairs, but unfortunately not as a hobby!

This is more as a result of the copious amounts of paper work, protocols, registrations, and on going work that is needed to ensure full compliance and legality of our product line. This not only includes standardised law in terms of THC content, but also in terms of the FSA's Novel Food list, of which reportadly 98% of applicants failed. This means that we are amongst the 2% remaining who managed to get through with a succesful application to this point. 

This means that as an affiliate you have complete peace of mind that you are not selling a product containing illegal compounds, or non registered/ FSA compliant products! 

As always, if you need any further assurance of this, feel free to drop us a message! 

Scaling sales turnover 

When it comes to high level affiliate marketers, you may have a funnel with exceptional conversion rates, and in turn, could be concerned that with a physical product there may be limitations restricting your earning capabilities with us.

Rest assured, even if you are succesful in increasing our current capacity run rate, we have the ability to expand our production level expoentially without investment. Our lab space is only currently using 35% of our operating space, meaning we can quickly expand even in extreme cases with minimal delay.

Beyond this, we are not a white label company relying on a third party to receive an orer and produce our stock before dispatching to us. We make these products in our own purpose built labs, whilst also having our finger on the pulse with our sales channels, enabling us to predict stock supply requirements and cut out the middle man, and shipping times. Meaning if we run out of stock we have the ability to replenish in a much more efficient manner.  

Infinity CBD at the hemp and CBD Expo

How to get more reach, and in turn, more sales! 

best CBD affiliate network

Word of mouth is a great way to earn commision, but you need to ensure that the person you've recommended uses your link, or discount code for our software to succesfully track the sale! 

Top tip here is to have your link and discount code saved in the notes on your phone. That way if the opportunity arrives you can message the link directly to them, or a more memorable discount code to pass on! 

CBD Affiliate program uk

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. 

These are ways of formating/ wording your written content on your website, such as a blog. Although daunting at first, using SEO tactics to improve upon how google ranks your blog can make a HUGE difference to free traffic over time. It does take a while to build, but after 6 - 12 months of building on your SEO you could end up naturally reaching more potential customers month after month! 

Best CBD Balm for back pain

Email list/ Social Media following

If you have a decent following on social media, or perhaps have an email list for your blog site, it's worth scheduling in content that showcases your discount code and link from time to time to reach new followers. You don't have to go overboard, but every share is a chance for a new sale!


For all you that want to make money online or want to try their hand at affiliate marketing, this guide will hoopefully have helped to understand the basics of it all.

From the tips listed above, you can now join our CBD affiliate program and start to make money with it today!

As always, if you have any further questions, or need assets such as product images and info to help support your affiliate content, feel free to reach out via our contact page! 

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