Natural, Safe, Traceable and Lab Tested

by Rowan Bailey

Infinity CBD ethos

So it's time to introduce ourselves properly. Who we are, our ethos and how we came to be. 

Infinity CBD Hemp and CBD Expo Birmingham

We're a group of CBD users and enthusiasts who originally started with a CBD retail store. It didn't take long to see where there could be improvements made with the products that were available on the UK market. Primarily in terms of the quality of ingredients used, the type of CBD and the effectiveness. 

We were asked to give talks at a local Fibromyalgia support group where we learned a lot more about the condition and proceeded to develop our own products targeted at effective relief, using natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives or nasties. 

From this point we refined and developed our cosmetics range from scratch. Every single cosmetic product was formulated by one of our directors, unlike many other CBD cosmetics we haven't simply bought a white label product or added CBD to a base. We made these products from scratch, refined them and passed them through all the necessary safety assessments and insurances. 

Infinity CBD Calm Stick

Our most popular products such as the Natures Balm or Calm Stick have been such a great success due to the back and forth with the support group to make them products that are as versatile as possible, with the best possible ingredients but also at a competitive price point. As we make everything in house ourselves it enables us to keep our pricing competitive in the industry whilst being confident that we amongst the top in terms of quality and the passion put into the products in this industry. 

Natures Balm for example is a product specifically made to be stripped back to the bare essentials for an effective balm. We wanted an option that is perfect for people with sensitive skin that can be used in small quantities with great absorption. There is nothing added to our balm that doesn't need to be there, its simply coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E and Full Spectrum CBD. No added scents or emulsifiers, just natural and traceable ingredients in a lovely jar that can be reused as a candle or returned for a discount off of your next order. 

Long story short we are here for the long haul, we could have made a lot more money in the CBD 'Gold Rush' by cutting corners, mislabeling, avoiding expensive lab reports and by relabelling someone else's product but that just isn't us. We know the importance and impact that CBD can have on peoples lives. This makes this business incredibly rewarding and we hope to stride into the future of the CBD industry with our heads held high that we ensured full compliance, legality and traceability from the beginning. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and read about us, your feedback and input is greatly appreciated! 

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