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Want to win £200!? 

It's no secret that we're a small company started on a shoestring, and have since been able to accomplish our dreams of building the business you see before you.

This wouldn't have been made possible if it wasn't for our amazing customers, their feedback and word of mouth.

As such, we like to say thank you for the ongoing support by selecting on of our newsletter subscribers at random to receive a £200 Giftcard to spend in store EVERY MONTH!

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Winners will be contacted by email, so ensure that you check your junk! 

CBD Giveaway Infinity CBD

WIN £200!

What can I spend it on? 

The prize is a £200 giftcard for our online store! Meaning you can treat yourself to a wide range of all natural CBD drops, edibles, cosmetics and topicals. 

Whether you want to spend it all on pampering treats such as nourishing massage bars with cocoa, massage oils infused with vitamin E and Full Spectrum CBD or perhaps some CBD infused chocolate along side your favourite brew, or whether you want to start using CBD as part of managing ongoing chronic issues, as a post workout recovery tool, or to try and find more balance day to day.

This £200 voucher is a great way to try a range of our products or gift some to friends as well! 

FREE entry every month! 

How to enter:

Prize: £200 gift card to spend online (12 month expiry!)

How to enter: Sign up to our newsletter! If you haven't already seen the pop up, there should be a bar on the right hand side to click, from there simply enter your details and hit submit!

Bonus entries?: Yes! If you would like additional entries into this contest you can share a link to this page on any social media of your choice and email us with a screen grab. This is only worth 1 extra entry for the month that the post is made. You can repeat this in new months.

When is the winner drawn?: We will be drawing the winner and contacting them within the first week of every month.
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best cbd balm uk all natural

Meet the best sellers

Best CBD drops uk

CBD Drops

Our most popular product, used to for a wide range of reasons from helping to manage anxiety, post workout recovery, or as part of a treatment alongside medical cannabis for chronic conditions. 

Best CBD roll on UK

The Calm Stick

This potent little bottle packs a punch using all natural ingredients and a potent full spectrum CBD extract formulated in our labs. 

With a rollerball application, this little stick can be used to massage problem areas, or easily be applied to pressure points such as your temples, back of your neck and inner wrists to help with relaxation, yoga, or meditaiton. 

Best CBD Balm UK Infinity CBD

Natures Balm 

This balm was formulated using feedback from a local fibromyalgia support group. This helped us ensure the formulation was effective, and easy to use. This balm was designed to sensitivity in mind, meaning that there are no added scents or additives, but simply gentle natural ingredients. 

Full Spectrum CBD Orbs

These 'Orbs' are capsules boasting a full spectrum formulation for those who prefer the simplicity of taking tablets over counting drops. 

With 25mg of CBD per capsule, these little guys pack a punch with a months supply for most in each bottle. 

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