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CBD Chocolate UK

Mint CBD Chocolate

Quality, traceability and peace of mind are central to the Infinity CBD mission, so naturally when it came to developing our chocolates with one of the UK's preeminent master chocolatiers, it was vital that their approach to their craft was synonymous with our ethos. 

Vegan CBD Chocolate UK Mint

Gourmet flavours

Mint chocolate is a classic familiar flavour that we all know and love. 

With a subtle note of hemp, the pairing with milk chocolate and mint is to die for!

Taking your sweet tooth temptations to the next level!

5mg per square, making this the perfect accompliment to a nice cuppa...

The great thing about our chocolates is that they were intentionally designed to give a decent dose even with low consumption. So you can help yourself to a couple of squares as usual, or add them to a hot chocolate or bake with them to make your own edibles!

Mint CBD Chocolate UK

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Let's talk Chocolate!

Gourmet Chocolate by a Master Chocolatier

Mint CBD Chocolate by Infinity CBD


Lab Tested Extract

We formulate the CBD used in our chocolates ourselves to ensure the right consistency and form in the end product. We have our source materials lab tested and then retest the end product to ensure transparency and peace of mind for our customers. 

The extract used in edibles has a huge difference on the texture and flavour profile at the end. 

We used our single source, organic broad spectrum distillate that we formulate into a suitable potency with a carrier oil to produce the best end product. 


Gourmet Flavours

We have been performing direct market research via our award winning dispensary since 2018. A key aspect of edibles for our customers is flavour, although many like the hemp flavour in their edibles, some find it off putting especially as first time users. 

So we set out wanting to to achieve a Full Spectrum product that isn't overpowering. All of our flavours taste great with only a subtle note of the extract within. 

Don't believe us? Check our reviews! 


Made in Wales

This isn't a mass produced white label product, this was carefully formulated by working with a local Master Chocolatier to produce the best possible product. 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and with a product like this it was essential to be able to work closely with the process. 

Not only do you know you're getting a lab verified edible but you're buying what we believe to be the best SALSA accredited Chocolate on the UK market. 

Infinity CBD Infused Gourmet Chocolate SALSA accredited Wholesale
Infinity CBD Infused Gourmet Chocolate SALSA accredited Wholesale
Infinity CBD Infused Gourmet Chocolate Mint Broad Spectrum CBD
best cbd chocolate uk by Infinity CBD
Novel compliant CBD Chocolate UK Infinity CBD Mint CBD chocolate
Mint CBD Chocolate by Infinity CBD
Mint CBD Chocolate by Infinity CBD - Single Source Broad Spectrum CBD
Infinity CBD Chocolate Gold Emblem UK

Mintys - 120MG Anfeidredd CBD Gourmet Chocolate


Mint Gourmet CBD Chocolate UK

Mae ansawdd, olrheinedd a thawelwch meddwl yn ganolog i genhadaeth CBD Infinity, felly yn naturiol, pan ddaeth hi'n amser datblygu ein siocledi gydag un o siocledwyr penigamp y DU, roedd yn hanfodol bod eu hagwedd at eu crefft yn gyfystyr â'n hethos.

Dim ond y cynhwysion gorau, o ffynonellau cynaliadwy ac olrheiniadwy sy'n cael eu defnyddio, sy'n ein galluogi i briodi ein CBD Sbectrwm Eang ffynhonnell sengl, sy'n gymharol gyfoethog mewn cannabinoidau, flavonoids a terpenau na bwydydd nodweddiadol CBD Ynysu gyda'r proffiliau blas a'r gweadau cywir yn y siocled i'w creu. yr hyn y credwn yw'r siocled trwyth CBD gorau sydd ar gael yn y DU.


120mg = 5mg fesul sgwâr o siocled.

240mg = 10mg fesul sgwâr o siocled.

480mg = 20mg Fesul sgwâr o siocled.

1,000mg = 41.66mg fesul sgwâr o siocled.

Wedi'i wneud gyda CBD Sbectrwm Eang Organig.

Storio: Storio rhwng 12c-18c mewn amgylchedd sych heb arogl. Cadwch allan o olau haul uniongyrchol.

Nid bwriad y cynnyrch hwn yw gwneud diagnosis, trin na gwella unrhyw glefyd. Cadwch allan o gyrraedd plant.

Thanks for checking out our CBD Chocolate!

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