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best 3000mg cbd drops vegan
best 3000mg cbd drops vegan
3000mg CBD Oil Drops | Best CBD Oil UK
3000mg CBD Oil Drops Vegan all natural CBD Oil Drops
3000mg CBD Oil Drops Lab Tested Full Spectrum Drops
3000mg CBD Oil Drops
3000mg CBD Oil Drops Wales UK

3000mg CBD Oil Drops Infinity CBD Vegan and All Natural


our finest product

Best Selling CBD Oil

So since we launched we set out to make cost effective solutions for our customers that don't compromise on quality. 

Once our initial line of 10ml CBD Drops solutions was launched we had achieved this, but still wanted to find a way to further reduce this cost for our customers whilst also reducing waste. 

So we introduced the 3K. As our 10% 1,000mg drops were by far the most popular option, we decided to bring a 'bulk buy' version in a 30ml bottle. This contains exactly the same formulation as our 1,000mg 10% drops but with 3x as much in the bottle. Price wise it is 33% cheaper than buying the equivalent in 10ml bottles and even more cost effective again if you opt for the buy 1 get 1 half price option!

With smoothies!

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our finest product


CBD Distillate Infinity CBD


CO2 Extraction

Hemp is run through a CO2 extraction process to harvest the natural oils from the plant.

This produces a thick, viscous extract rich in cannabinoids including CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG and many others. 

This extract is then sent to a third party lab to accurately verify the content of each of these cannabinoids. This step is vital to ensure legality and potency for formulations.

In addition to potency testing this extract is also tested to ensure there has been no contamination from heavy metals in the soil, pesticides or any other nasties. 

How CBD Drops are made



Once we have the third party lab reports, we can use these to run the calculations for our formulations.

In this case, we are looking to make a 10% solution to produce our 3,000mg 30ml drops and 1,000mg 10ml drops. This means that for every litre of CBD Oil we formulate in this batch, it has to have at least 100,000mg of CBD present. 

We don't combine cannabinoids to get our MG amount. The amount on the label is what you get in CBD, then all other cannabinoids, including CBDA are in addition to this amount. 

Once the calculations are cross checked and verified, we enter our edibles lab and produce our flagship CBD Oil Drops to spec!

We introduce this golden extract with an Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil and that's it. We don't add any other fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives. 

Just nature, at it's finest.

3000mg CBD Oil Drops


Tested & Bottled

As with all of our products, quality is vitally important. So once we have finished our formulation we proceed to further verify all paperwork, calculations and remeasure quantities produced. 

Once approved through QA/QC we proceed to bottling. Samples are taken and then sent off to a third party lab to verify the output from our calculations and to provide peace of mind to our customers. 

Once these come back and are approved then the bottles go on the shelf and are sold here online, in our shops and across all of our resellers!

Lab Tested, Quality Assured.

3,000mg CBD & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Formulation

  • Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Easy to measure dosage!
  • 5mg per drop!
  • Up to 300 days in one bottle!
  • 1 Tree Planted for every bottle sold!
  • FREE Consultation before purchase!
  • 33% Cheaper than 10ml equivilant

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Infinity CBD 3000MG

Redefining cost, quality and transparency with CBD Oil 

Our Infinity CBD 3K is made using our Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate made to 10% in a 30ml bottle. For those of you using the 1,000mg tincture this is the natural next step for longevity an cost effectiveness, saving you 33% vs buying 1,000mg bottles individually. 

Conveniently sized for portability and a glass dropper to accurately measure your daily dose! 

Don't be put off by our low price, we aim to bring the best quality Broad Spectrum drops at a price that doesn't break the bank! 


250mg 10ml = 8 drops roughly 10mg

500mg 10ml = 4 drops roughly 10mg 

1000mg 10ml = 2 drops roughly 10mg

3000mg 30ml = 2 drops roughly 10mg 

CBD Coffee Infinity CBD 3000mg CBD Drops
Infinity CBD 3000mg


Lab Tests 

So how do we verify our CBD Contents and what is actually in each bottle? We formulate our products allowing for a 20% discrepancy in lab reports meaning that at the very least the mg count shown on the bottle is what will be present in the bottle. More often than not it results in a 10-20% additional CBD content. 

As there can be discrepancies between lab results we want to ensure you can have complete peace of mind that you get what you are paying for. At a cost to ourselves, this method ensures that you are never short-changed. Our MG count is based purely off of CBD not CBD + CBDA or the total cannabinoid count. This means that our 3,000mg bottle will have a minimum of 3,000MG CBD plus all additional cannabinoids found in our extracts on top. So you know what you're getting when you buy our 3000mg CBD Oil Drops!


Lab tests explained 

So you’re bound to have come across the term ‘Lab tested CBD’ but what does it really mean? How do you read a lab report and are all lab tests equal? 

The reason lab tested CBD is being touted everywhere is because with a new emerging market that is unregulated it’s important to be able to prove the quality and content of your products. However this can be easier said than done and I’ll go into little as to why without getting too complicated! 

Not all lab tests are made the same, there are two primary kinds of tests used in this industry currently, Gas Chromatography and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. Both of these are well established methods but there is a big difference in the results you could see depending on which method you choose. For example if you had some CBD oil that had 10% CBD in it and 2% CBDA and then proceeded to get it tested via both methods, the HPLC results would show 10% CBD and 2% CBDA, the Gas Chromatography would show 12% CBD. This discrepancy is due to the fact that Gas Chromatography heats the sample during testing and in turn converts the CBDA into CBD. So you lab test doesn’t accurately represent the true level of CBD in the source material tested. 

Generally speaking this isn’t the end of the world and with companies who know what they’re doing will have taken this into consideration.

So what do lab tests show? Typically most lab reports you’ll come across will show potency testing of the main four cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA). These potency tests not only show the actual CBD content in the product but also the legality of its THC content. More extensive lab reports will have a full panel test of the other cannabinoids as well such as CBG, CBN, Delta 8 THC and others. Another type of test that is important is one looking for pesticides and heavy metals, it’s important to make sure what you’re taking is safe and as a lot of large CBD producers gather raw materials from multiple farms/ harvest it’s never safe to assume they’re clean without checking! 


So how do we deal with lab tests? 

Well firstly we ensure that our CBD has been tested from the source for heavy metals and pesticides, then we ensure it has been tested post extraction for residual solvents to make sure its completely clean and safe to use. Safety is paramount to our ethos backed by quality where we proceed to have two potency tests done. One provided by the supplier and an additional one done by a third party to verify potency. This gives us a solid reference point for manufacturing before we formulate it for our needs. 

Once we have formulated our CBD to the strength we need for a specific product we then get an additional lab test done to ensure our mix was done correctly. 


Discrepancies between lab tests

Although we rely on HPLC testing you still find that the same batch can return different results from different labs or additional tests. Typically we’ve seen a variation of 10-15% up or down through the various tests that we’ve had. Therefor we allow for a 20% difference ensuring that what we state on the label is the minimum CBD content. For example our 1,000mg tincture will have 1,000-1,200mg in never below. This means that you know you are getting what you paid for (and often more!) and as always with Infinity CBD the MG count on our bottles is total MGs of CBD not combined cannabinoids! 



Want to checkout one of our lab reports? 

We’re not worried about supplying our lab reports so here we have a test we recently had done. As mentioned above this is utilising HPLC testing and was a test done for our brand new 30ml 3,000mg tincture. This was from a new batch of source CBD distillate. We had potency testing done on the source material and once formulated four our new tincture we needed to verify the mix. We allowed a 20% margin for CBD content to ensure that 3,000mg was the absolute minimum of CBD content in the bottle and here is the lab report: 

Infinity CBD 3000mg Lab Report



As you can see our initial lab report for the source material was in line with this test as the results were 20% over the 3,000mg mark, success! So not only can you see from this has the minimum of 3,000mg as stated but actually an extra 600mg+ you can’t go wrong with that can you!

So there you have it, complete transparency it is what it says on the tin as they say. No smoke and mirrors, just open transparency. 3000mg CBD Oil Drops for £99 and we plant a tree on your behalf for every bottle sold! Great stuff right? 

we love it when you love it

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Recipes information block


Drop element here!

Treat yourself!

Morning Boost | CBD Smoothie Recipe


  • 250ml Orange Juice 
  • 200g Natural Yoghurt
  • Handful mixed berries (Frozen works great!)
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 4 Drops of 10% CBD Oil
  • 1 Banana


Such a quick and easy way to kick start the day!

Simply add all of the above ingredients into a blender and pulse until it reaches your desired consistency and enjoy!! 

Pro tip: Add Ice Cubes to help cool it down if you're taking this into work. You'll be surprised how long this stays fresh! 

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