Unveiling the Secrets of Sustainable Hemp Uses at a Pembrokeshire Hemp Farm

by Rowan Bailey

The Green Revolution: Unveiling the Secrets of Sustainable Hemp Uses at a Pembrokeshire Hemp Farm

Hemp Farm Pembrokeshire, Wales


Introduction to sustainable hemp and its uses

Our arrival to jungle 

Before we were close to the field, the tips of the canopy poked their heads above a nearby hedge swaying in the wind as if they were waving. When he had said they're pretty much ready to chop they weren't kidding... 

CBD Hemp field in Pembrokeshire Wales

Even that picture doesn't do it justice in terms of the scale. We were walking and getting lost amongst giants so our first question about whether it grew well here was immediately redundant... 

Seeing as this season was a test, the fact that their fields were thriving this well is certainly a sign of great things to come, but whats this all about?

Isn't it illegal to grow cannabis in the UK? What are their plans with all of this biomass?! Can they smoke it, eat it, make clothes out of it? We jump in and explain a little about this project, and the plans for the future.

We're planning on following their story over the next year or so to help showcase the future of farming here in Wales with the new exciting prospects this crop can bring. With new sustainable building materials made from hemp, as well as the wellness industry, textiles, paper, agricultural feed and much more, this plant really is has a whole lot of potential. Looking at how successful this crop has been, it begs the question why isn't this more common place across Wales, let alone the UK?! Putting political parties down for a moment, it's undeniable that the UK good do with a boost in the economy, and with such an efficient to grow crop such as this, it begs the question why has it taken so long to take popularity? 

UK Legal cannabis farm in pembrokeshire, Wales

At the moment, we're not wanting to give too much away about the location of this farm, as although it is completely legal, we also respect their privacy and don't want swarms of people turning up to take a look etc. Besides, these fields are now empty as we since followed up whilst they chopped down these giants. So there wouldn't be anything to see anyway!

What we can say is that the hemp from this crop is going to be used towards sustainable building materials. It's an exciting new industry with some well established technologies already being used today, let alone the continual innovative technologies and processes  that we're seeing emerging at national Expos.

One thing is for sure, being at the forefront of the green revolution and ironing out the kinks of the license, best methods and machines for harvest etc now means they're going to be well placed for what's to come! 

Isn't growing Cannabis/ Hemp illegal? 

Despite what you'd think, hemp is cannabis and cannabis is hemp, however 'hemp' typically refers to very low THC yielding industrial agricultural strains (Typically below 0.2% THC) that produce a lot of fibre or seed such as these. You can legally grow a selection of pre approved Cannabis Sativa L strains with the appropriate license, but important to note, you can't typically extract or use the flower part of the female plants where typically most of the dominant cannabinoids are present. So although you could extract and distil a strong CBD or THC extract from this crops flowers (It would take a lot!), it's not something that you can legally do with this type of license/ operation. 

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Do you make your CBD Oil from this farm? 

We wish! We'd love to use a local source to extract our CBD, but as per above the crop here is destined for sustainable building materials and more! Plus the license restrictions means that we would have to have a very large scale extraction process with very minimal yields from the remaining stems/ seeds from the crop. All in all it would be doable at scale, but very wasteful, expensive and time consuming. 

However, that doesn't mean that things won't change or other avenues won't open up with a different type of license that will enable us to keep things local! For now, we're still very proud of our single source organic Broad Spectrum CBD extract that we use in our FSA approved CBD Drops, as well as our Full Spectrum CBD extract in our CBD Topicals and massage products. Watching things develop in this industry so much since we joined in 2018 has been amazing, and with the ways things are going and ever changing dynamic around the relatively new medical cannabis industry, we're sure things are going to continually change and hopefully bring our extracts closer to home! 

The benefits of using hemp for construction

Hemp has numerous benefits when it comes to construction. Firstly, it is an incredibly sustainable material. Hemp plants require minimal water and no pesticides to grow, making them an environmentally-friendly choice and as you can see here, with minimal input they grow like, weeds (sorry..).

Additionally, hemp fibres are incredibly strong and durable, providing excellent insulation properties. This makes hemp an ideal material for building structures that are energy-efficient and can withstand the test of time. 

Moreover, hemp is a carbon-negative material, meaning it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it releases during its production and lifespan. The value in this cannot be understated, and is part of the reasons it's so exciting to see more and more farmers look at this as an option. With more taking it on it makes it a valuable tool in combating climate change and reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects and agriculture. With its ability to sequester carbon, hemp is not only a sustainable choice but also contributes to the overall well-being of the planet.


Hemp farm in Pembrokeshire Wales

A look into a hemp farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Nestled in the scenic countryside of Pembrokeshire, Wales, lies a thriving hemp farm that is at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement. This family-owned farm is dedicated to cultivating hemp and exploring its wide range of uses. With vast fields of lush green hemp plants stretching as far as the eye can see, it is evident that this farm is committed to embracing the green revolution. It seemed almost surreal as we stood there with the green giants swaying 4 feet above our heads. Having been working in this industry since 2018, it's amazing to see aspects of this arriving so close to home here in Pembrokeshire, and better yet the community that it's building around these projects. Very exciting times ahead! 


Hemp Farm Growing Cannabis legally in Pembrokeshire

The process of growing hemp and its environmental benefits

The cultivation of hemp at this Pembrokeshire farm is a new journey looking to develop a process that ensures both quality and sustainability. The benefit of hemp is that it can thrive without using typical pesticides and chemicals, enabling the opportunity to explore organic farming practices, abstaining from the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides all together down the line. This not only ensures the purity of the hemp but also protects the environment from potential contamination with surface run off amongst other things. 

Hemp is known for its ability to improve soil health. Its deep roots help prevent soil erosion and promote nutrient cycling. Moreover, hemp can be grown in rotation with other crops, providing a natural way to control weeds and pests without the need for chemical intervention. This crop has a very short cycle meaning that if done right, the same field can have multiple purposes throughout the year. Lastly as above, cannabis is great at scrubbing CO2 from the air helping to keep our breathing air clean and balanced. These environmental benefits make hemp farming a sustainable practice that can help restore and regenerate our agricultural lands.

Exploring the different uses of hemp - from CBD products to textiles.

Hemp has a wide range of uses beyond construction. One of the most popular applications of hemp is in the production of CBD products. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. It is known for promising results in studies and grown in popularity for a wide range of applications in coming years. 

Apart from CBD, hemp fibres are also used in the textile industry to create sustainable and durable fabrics. These fabrics have gained popularity due to their breathability, antimicrobial properties, and resistance to wear and tear. From clothing to home furnishings, hemp textiles are making waves in the fashion and interior design sectors, offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional materials.


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The rise of CBD products and the role of our Welsh CBD company

In recent years, CBD products have witnessed a surge in popularity. Many CBD companies have fallen to the sides over the past few years, especially with the expensive and complex FSA Novel Foods process to remain compliant. Not many companies managed to sustain through the uncertainty during lockdowns and the FSA process. So those that were left emerged as key players amongst the demand in this rapidly growing industry. These companies are known for their commitment to quality, ensuring that their CBD products are derived from organically grown hemp and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee purity and potency with no heavy metals or pesticides present. 

We offer a wide range of CBD products, including oil drops, balms, massage products and capsules. The best CBD oil drops are carefully crafted to provide precise dosing and maximum absorption and we used feedback from support groups for chronic conditions to ensure that our formulations were effective for real world users. CBD balms, on the other hand, offer targeted relief for localised issues, with our range focusing on natural ingredients that use only the best full spectrum CBD extract for maximum effectiveness. CBD capsules provide a convenient and discreet way to incorporate CBD into one's daily routine whilst avoiding the oily texture and taste. With so much more to discover and find out, you can check out more of our products HERE


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The future of hemp farming in the UK and its potential impact on sustainability

The future of hemp farming in the UK looks promising. With increasing awareness about the environmental benefits of hemp and its various applications, more farmers are turning towards this versatile crop. The potential impact of hemp farming on sustainability cannot be understated. As more hemp farms emerge across the country, we can expect to see a reduction in the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture, improved soil health, and a decrease in carbon emissions.

The versatility of hemp also opens up opportunities for innovation and economic growth. From sustainable construction materials to CBD products , prescribed medical cannabis supplements and textiles, the potential for hemp-based industries is vast. With the right support and investment, the UK has the potential to become a global leader in sustainable hemp farming and its various applications.

Challenges and misconceptions surrounding hemp farming and its uses.

Despite the numerous benefits of hemp farming, there are still challenges and misconceptions that need to be addressed. One of the major challenges is the legal framework surrounding hemp cultivation. While hemp cultivation is legal in the UK, there are still restrictions and regulations that farmers need to navigate. Clear and supportive legislation will be crucial in fostering the growth of the hemp industry and adaptive change that allows controlled use of the flower for CBD extraction at this level could open up a whole new revenue stream for these farmers without compromising on the usage of the rest of the fibre. 

Misconceptions surrounding hemp, particularly its association with getting high, also pose a challenge. Educating the public about the differences between hemp strains, as well as what cannabis is as a medicine with legal medical cannabis here in the UK, and more is is essential in dispelling these misconceptions. Hemp contains negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound found in strains of cannabis that get you 'high', making it next to impossible to get high from these strains of hemp. By providing accurate information, we can help overcome these misconceptions and promote the use of hemp for its sustainable benefits.

CBD Hemp Farming in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Conclusion: Embracing the green revolution with sustainable hemp

As we explore the secrets of sustainable hemp uses at a Pembrokeshire hemp farm, it becomes evident that hemp has the potential to revolutionise various industries. From sustainable construction materials to CBD products and textiles, hemp offers a sustainable alternative that benefits both the environment and our well-being.

With the rise of CBD products and the role of responsible CBD companies, consumers can access high-quality CBD oil drops, balms, and CBD capsules that provide a natural approach to health and wellness. The future of hemp farming in the UK holds great promise, with the potential to make a significant impact on sustainability and economic growth.

As we embrace the green revolution, let us remember the power of sustainable hemp and its ability to shape a more sustainable future for generations to come. The secrets of hemp are being unveiled, and it is up to us to harness its potential and make a positive change in the world. Together, we can build a greener, more sustainable future with hemp as our ally.