The InfiniTree Project

by Rowan Bailey


InfiniTree Project Infinity CBD

Welcome to the InfiniTree project, but what is it? Let us explain and introduce you to our partners and products that are involved with the InfiniTree initiative! 

The InfiniTree project is aimed at helping give back and starting on the right foot ethically with the environment in mind whilst we build a brand within this emerging market. 


With this new market in the UK we all have the opportunity to start things on the right foot rather than following the easier options that can have environmental footfalls. We understand it’s not always possible to be completely recyclable with products especially with local councils having different recycling facilities and restrictive costs for start ups on some eco friendly options. The idea of InfiniTree is to show that we as a company are conscious of our decisions with our packaging and ingredients with a goal to continually improve upon this. We are in a unique position where we can see this industry rapidly growing whilst looking at similar industries and their footfalls with single use plastic and address these issues before they get out of hand. 

We’re a small company and hands in the air we’re not perfect. We’re continually adapting and changing our packaging to be recyclable and try to ethically source all of our ingredients but we’re not 100% there yet. However with the launch of the InfiniTree project we will now be able to plant a tree for every product sold with the InfiniTree logo on as a stepping stone to a refined product and packaging line. At the same time we invite others in the industry to join us, whether or not you join the InfiniTree project every little helps! 


InfinitTree Project Plant a Tree CBD

Why are you planting trees though? 

Well because we need more of them and in certain areas in the world deforestation has had dire consequences for local ecosystems, wildlife and with potential damaging effects to our planet on the whole. Also because we can! There are many charities working internationally who have made it accessible for companies such as ourselves or individuals to make a difference for as little as £1. 


InfiniTree Project CBD Plant A Tree For Every Bottle of CBD Oil

Where are these trees being planted? 

Peru! The Amazon rain forest covers more than 60% of Peru. These trees will be planted alongside a charity aiming to restore and protect the ‘Buffer Zone’ between Tambopata National Reserve and the city of Puerto Maldonado. As it’s a high risk area for deforestation is important to protect this area for the wild life from unsustainable agricultural practices. 

Home to over 10% of the worlds bird species, jaguars and hundreds of other species it’s vital that this area is protected and maintained whilst providing sustainable livelihoods to local people.

By restoring degraded land, our partners will work hand in hand with local farmers to establish and maintain a sustainable agroforestry system using shade gown cocoa, native tree species and productive timber species. An agricultural cooperative will be formed within the community providing training and technical assistance to ensure the success of the sustainable agroforestry model. 


InfiniTree Project CBD Infinity CBD 

Can we get involved? 

Certainly, if you're a CBD company and want to join the InfiniTree project feel free to drop us an email. We’re not running this project to make profit but simply to make a conscious effort to head in the right direction within this industry. 


 Plant a tree with InfiniTree

What Products are part of the InfiniTree project?

We will be aiming to make it possible to make all of our products part of the InfiniTree Project. We are launching InfiniTree alongside our new 3,000mg CBD Oil Drops. Every single bottle with result in a tree planted whether from our website or in stores!


InfiniTree CBD Oil Drops Infinity CBD

Current Partners 

We're incredibly proud to announce that even before we launched the InfiniTree project our good friends and fellow CBD company Hannabis have joined us and will be introducing InfiniTree to some of their products! We look forward to seeing them get started and help us work on planting as many trees as possible! (Check these guys out here, they make some pretty awesome products!

These are the incredible ladies behind Hannabis, keep an eye on these two and their product line. We've been nothing short of impressed since we met them back at the last Hemp and CBD Expo and can't wait to see whats to come!


Hannabis Nicole Hannah Hannabis

Well there you have it, happy days! Welcome to InfiniTree, to hear more and be kept in the loop be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

In the meantime have a cracking day and we hope to see you soon! 

All the best, 

- Infinity CBD