The Best CBD Oil Drops in the UK for 2023 | Ultimate Guide

by Rowan Bailey

The Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Oil Drops in the UK for 2023

The Best CBD Oil Drops UK online 2024

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In the pursuit of wellness and personal care, a rising trend has caught the eyes of the health-conscious crowd in the UK - CBD oil drops. A non-psychoactive derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD or cannabidiol has cemented its position as a wellness mainstay, boasting a range of potential therapeutic properties. Having started in this industry back in 2018 with our high street store, we've seen it all. With direct feedback from our customers whilst selling brands from across Europe and North America we know what it takes for a good quality CBD Oil product. Beyond this we saw the gap in the market for a premium quality, fully traceable CBD Oil Drop solution in the UK so proceeded to build our own labs and go through the lengthy and costly process of getting our own drops FSA validated. Needless to say, we know what it takes to make a top quality product, what to expect from different extraction processes and the right prices to be paying when it comes to CBD Oil Drops in the UK.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the finest CBD oil drops available in the UK for 2024, focusing on the best organic CBD oil drops, vegan options, and those that comply with the Novel Food regulations. So you can rest assured that by buying any of the recommendations on this page that you'll be in safe hands, and well on your way to your new effective CBD wellness journey! 


Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the CBD Phenomenon
  2. CBD Oil Drops - What Are They?
  3. Types of CBD Oil
  4. The Legality of CBD Oil in the UK
  5. Why Opt for CBD Oil Drops
  6. Choosing the Best CBD Oil Drops
  7. Top 7 Best CBD Oil Drops in the UK
  8. Buying Guide for the Best CBD Oil Drops
  9. Different Uses for CBD Oil 
  10. The Rise of Infinity CBD
  11. Conclusion

Understanding the CBD Phenomenon

Cannabidiol or CBD has become the talking point in wellness circles over the past few years, making a grand entry into the UK market. Although little was understood when it first emerged, it has come a long way becoming to staple in many peoples daily routines. Many use it for managing chronic conditions, helping with recovery from sports/ working out, or has a part of a tool kit to help find balance with anxiety and stress. So with a wide range of applications, it's no surprise that it's hard to find someone who hasn't heard about CBD, or know someone who uses it these days. 

The CBD industry's evolution has been rapid, introducing a myriad of products such as CBD tinctures, vape liquids, topical creams, gummies, and skincare items. However, CBD oil drops continue to enjoy unwavering popularity for their versatility and rapid onset of action. Due to the simplicity of manufacturing these, they also tend to be the most cost effective on a dose by dose basis. So savvy CBD shoppers will tend to find the right balance between strength and cost with CBD Oil drops with most landing on a 10-20% option like these Organic and Vegan friendly FSA Validated CBD Oil Drops. 

CBD itself is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant, and although it won't get you 'High' like it's cousin 'THC', it certainly can make you feel calm in higher doses. Most find that a consistent routine with CBD is the most effective, with their initial steps being starting small with dose and building up over a week or two. More isn't always better when it comes to CBD, so it's about finding the right balance for your needs. The bonus to this is it also means you won't be using your bottle up faster than needed, which helps with the overall cost! There's no secret that CBD can be expensive! So once you find an effective product for you, it's important to look out for the most cost effective balance, and any rewards points, or buy 1 get 1 half price type deals to help. Deals like this can be found on this range HERE



CBD Oil Drops - What Are They?

What are CBD Oil Drops? Best CBD Oil Drops UK

CBD oil, as the name suggests, is an oil-based formulation containing cannabidiol (CBD). This compound is one of the several phytocannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, and it's known for its non-psychoactive properties. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another widely known compound present in the plant, CBD does not induce a 'high'. Instead, it interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates several bodily functions, including mood, behaviour, memory, inflammation, pain management, and appetite. As such there are numerous on going studies for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions including Fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic conditions. 

Beyond this, CBD is a vital component to Medical Cannabis prescriptions, where strains of Cannabis flower will be chosen dependant on their THC to CBD ratios as the inclusion of CBD can vary the overall effect of the plant. Some find that higher CBD ratios in Cannabis flower can attribute to better pain management, where as others find high CBD strains better for anxiety when using THC. 

Even though there is still a lot to discover and numerous studies yet to be concluded, there's no doubt that CBD is a fascinating molecule, and with our first hand experience as users, as well as feedback from our thousands of customers since 2018, it's clear to see why! 

Types of CBD Oil - What's the difference? 

Full Spectrum CBD Extract up close macro photo

CBD oils can be broadly classified into three categories based on the presence or absence of other cannabinoids. There is a big difference in terms of effectiveness between these, so it's important to know the difference. A lot of marketing blurb can give the impression that a 'Pure' isolate product is best, when in fact the opposite is typically true!

So we jump in and explain the differences:

CBD Isolate: This is the purest form of CBD, containing no other cannabinoids. This is often touted as being better due to being 'Pure' but don't let this fool you. CBD Isolate products have their place, however they're the least effective form of CBD products due to lacking other essential compounds found within the plant. CBD isolate products are cheap, and are a great entry level product to try CBD, however typically speaking if you want to find out if CBD will work for you, it's best to go for a broad or full plant extract

Broad Spectrum CBD: This type contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes but is devoid of THC, the psychoactive compound. Much like CBD isolate this is preferred by those who don't want to worry about THC showing on randomised drug tests for work. Though it's fair to say with the legal limit present in Full Spectrum extracts being so low, it's unlikely that it would show anyway. Not all Broad Spectrum CBD drops are made equal. Some are made using CBD Isolate and have other cannabinoid isolates added to 'broaden' the range. Others are true full plant extracts that have all of the other cannabinoids present as intended in the plant, but contain very low levels of THC due to the strain extracted from. This in our opinion is the best option as you're taking an extract with the full plants profile as nature wanted it. CBD is mostly extracted from Cannabis Sativa L which typically has very low levels of THC present. This makes it possible to have a full plant extract with untraceable amounts of THC allowing a broad spectrum classification. 

If you're looking for an FSA validated Broad Spectrum solution that uses Organic CBD then you can buy them HERE

Full Spectrum CBD: This version includes all naturally occurring compounds from the Cannabis plant, including a permitted trace amount of THC (up to 0.02% or 1mg in the UK to remain legal in the UK). This extract is typically the most sought after due to the inclusion of THC. Although it's important to note that any Full Spectrum Extract used to make CBD Oil Drops tends to dilute the THC further when blending with a carrier oil essentially making it a Broad Spectrum product regardless. The origin extract being Full Spectrum is important, as mentioned above, our belief is that the most effective CBD products use a full plant extract with the full cannabinoid profile as nature intended it. Full Spectrum products such as CBD Skincare, CBD Massage Oil and CBD Muscle Rubs are incredibly popular here in the UK and have been amongst our best sellers since we opened our doors in 2018. 

The Legality of CBD Oil in the UK

In the UK, CBD products are legal as long as they are derived from industrial hemp plants that contain no more than 0.2% or 1mg of THC. The CBD oil must also be sold as a food supplement and not as a medication unless it has been licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). For any oral CBD products such as CBD Oil Drops, CBD Capsules, or edibles like CBD Chocolates, they have to be validated by the FSA and placed on the CBD Novel Foods list. This extensive process ensures quality, traceability and safety of these products. So CBD brands in the UK must comply with the Novel Food regulations and must be listed on the public FSA list to operate legally. It is still common to see products being sold who have ignored this requirement and are technically being sold illegally. So for your peace of mind it's worth checking that the brand you are buying has a validated product on this list. 

It's important to note that being on this list isn't a guarantee of quality, but a simple first step to ensure that they take the regulations and quality assurances seriously. Beyond that, it's important to check that you can access lab reports for legality with regards to THC content, and that the company you choose takes quality control in their manufacturing process seriously. There are a lot of 'white label' companies who get someone else to make their CBD Oil Drops for them. Although this is perfectly fine in most cases, it does mean they don't have their finger directly on the quality control. This is one reason why we opted to build our own custom built labs and formulate all of our drops ourselves. 

Here's an example of a CBD Lab report: 

Best CBD Oil Drops third party lab report uk

Why Opt for CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are a popular choice for several reasons. They have high bioavailability when administered sublingually (under the tongue), ensuring quick absorption into the bloodstream. This means those that need a quick onset have that control should they need it, whilst also having the same typical absorption rate of capsules/ gummies by simply swallowing the drops directly/ adding them to food or drink. 

I for one add my morning CBD Oil Drops to my coffee as I find the taste compliments coffee perfectly, and it takes away the jittery edge of caffeine in my first cup. The dropper system allows for easy dosage control, making it a user-friendly option for beginners and experienced CBD users alike as you can really dial in a precise dose depending on your own tolerance, as and when you need it. For households where multiple people use CBD it also means that one option can cater to everyones needs/ dosage amount. Many of our customers may use 10-20mg per dose themselves, but also use 5mg for their dog who's getting on and finding things slower. So finding a strength of drops that allows these range of dosage is important for them. 

Lastly, CBD Oil Drops are one of the most cost effective options when it comes to CBD dose by dose. Once our customers find their perfect dose, they will typically then find the closest strength that means taking only 1 or 2 drops to achieve that dose. This means that they'll have 100 - 200 doses per bottle! So suddenly the cost per dose becomes a lot more manageable. Pro tip, most people eventually land on the 10% 1,000mg CBD Oil Drops or the 20% 2,000mg CBD Oil Drops for this reason. 

Ultimately the best CBD Oil Drops comes down firstly to safety/ quality of the product, traceability to ensure consistency over time, and compliance/ legality so that you're not putting your own health or job at risk due to them making mistakes during formulation. 

best CBD Oil drops for mental health uk

Choosing the Best CBD Oil Drops

Choosing the best CBD oil drops involves considering various factors, including the quality of hemp, whether it's single source or mass collected, the extraction process, third-party lab testing, product formulation, and customer reviews to start. It's also essential to examine the reputation of the CBD brand and its commitment to customer satisfaction. When looking for a trust worthy brand it's important to note that a good company will have good and bad reviews. CBD works differently for everyone, so naturally there will be reviews where customers haven't experienced the same benefits as others. This is completely normal, and a sign that the company isn't editing or hiding negative reviews from you! 

Also remember to check the FSA's CBD Novel Foods list to see whether the company has taken the expensive and in-depth steps to validate their manufacturing processes for their CBD Oil Drops. Although not definitive, it's another step of checking that they're taking the safety and compliance of their products seriously. 

Lastly, look at how long the company has been around and whether they are likely to disappear. The last thing you want is to find a product that you get on with, only to find that they keep changing their recipe/ source extract or worst yet that they go under two months later. The CBD industry is difficult and yet a lot of people have jumped in to make a go of it, but sadly not a lot make it through all the strict regulatory checks or ever changing industry. Since we opened our doors in 2018 we have seen so many great brands come and go, which is a real shame. Though as things develop in the CBD industry post Novel Foods and the Medical Cannabis industry grows, we should see more stability in the future. 

Best CBD Oil Drops UK 2024 online

Top 7 Best CBD Oil Drops in the UK

Here are the top 7 best CBD oil drops that you can buy in the UK in 2023:

  1. Infinity CBD: Known for its commitment to best practices in the industry, Infinity CBD offers a wide range of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products including FSA validated Organic CBD Oil Drops with concentrations ranging from 500 to 4,000 mg per 10 ml bottle. You can checkout the full range HERE. With Olive Oil as the main carrier making it more palatable than stronger hempseed oil options, these drops have been tried and tested since their launch in 2019. 

  2. Vibes CBD: A brand with a vision, Vibes CBD offers a range of broad-spectrum CBD oils infused with natural terpenes, flavonoids, and organic hempseed oil. As with many companies in the UK their reviews show a solid customer base, and reasons why people are opting for CBD for their wellness. 

  3. Evopure: This brand offers high-quality, UK-made CBD oil and unique formulations designed to support specific wellness goals such as better sleep, relief from anxiety, and pain relief for sore muscles.

  4. Charlotte’s Web: This American company offers a range of CBD oil tinctures, including one with a high amount of CBD per ml and available in exciting flavours. With the Charlottes Web cannabis strain being so popular due to its claimed medicinal benefits, there's no surprise this brand has become popular, but importantly backs this up with a solid quality range.  

  5. Bud and Tender: This UK-based CBD brand offers high-quality, third-party lab-tested CBD oils that are free from pesticides and heavy metals.

  6. Love Hemp: Known for its wide range of easy to approach CBD-infused products, Love Hemp's CBD oil drops are available in concentrations ranging from 2 to 20 per cent per 30 ml bottle. We have had them in the shop since 2020 and have personally been a fan of their gummies since then! 

  7. EIR Health: This brand offers potent full-spectrum products and pure CBD isolate products without any THC, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices. They tick all the boxes, so would recommend checking out their reviews to see if they have any customers with similar reasons for trying CBD as you! 

Best CBD Oil Drops UK 2024 online

Buying Guide for the Best CBD Oil Drops

When choosing the best CBD oil drops, consider factors such as hemp quality, extraction process, third-party lab testing, formulation, flavouring, potency, and customer reviews. Ensure that the CBD brand has a good reputation and offers excellent customer service and that they haven't been around for less than the amount of time it takes the be legally compliant on the Novel Foods list. 

If you are unsure about where to start, what dosage to take, and what the differences still are then don't worry you are not alone. It's common to have information overload at this point and sometimes it's easier to just be pointed in the direction of the right choice. We are always on hand and happy to help with a totally FREE consultation, and although we manufacture our own product, we appreciate the importance of offering balanced advice and options and much like this list can provide you with options from multiple sources for your peace of mind. 

People are too quick to 'Gate keep' things in this industry, and quickly point fingers about lab reports and other things, but the truth is it wouldn't be hard to fake any of these things people point out, so you'll have to dig a little deeper i'm afraid. 

Things like verified reviews are a great place to start, comparing on page product reviews to that of off site Trust Pilot pages is a great start. Any trust worth company that has existed in the real world will have good and bad reviews. CBD doesn't work for everyone, and not everyone will know how to use it effectively. So naturally a real company should see this reflected in their reviews. If you are only seeing glowing reviews then it's worth digging a little deeper to ensure they're not being edited, or whether you can find other sources for reviews on their products via forums, or reddit etc. 

Lastly, never be afraid to reach out to these companies, if they're anything like us they'll be happy to answer any questions and supply relevant lab reports upon request. We have nothing to hide, and would always love the opportunity to help explain CBD and how to best use it. We would genuinely rather you not buy with us if it isn't right for you, and can always point you in the direction of a product that will work elsewhere as we would rather everyone have a positive experience with CBD. This will in turn help the industry as a whole. There has been too many companies popping up simply trying to sell at volume regardless of it being the right product for their customer. This in turn has negatively impacted the industry as you end up with negative word of mouth. So any CBD Oil company that is worth trusting will be happy to have a chat about their products, how they're made, and CBD generally to help guide you towards the right choice for you or your loved one. 

Best CBD Oil Drops UK 2024 online

Different uses for CBD Oil

When choosing the best CBD oil drops, you also have to consider what you're using them for. Not only are all CBD products different, or how it affects people, but also how it can be used to level up your wellness routine in different ways. There's no doubt you will have seen things ranging from CBD Yoga, to CBD Recipes and how to use different CBD products to help with sleep health. 

One thing for sure is that there is a lot of noise about what CBD can supposedly do for us, but is there any truth to it? What do the latest studies say and is there more specific information on how to use it for things such as stress or sleep for example? Well thankfully the answers are here to be had! We've tried it all, as well as continually researching the latest studies, trials and developments in CBD and medical cannabis. So we have done our best to compile our knowledge, and tips on how to use CBD for various applications in various articles across the years and will continue to grow this database of information. 

Below we have broken down some of our articles that help breakdown the different uses of CBD and how to get the best out of it! 

  1. CBD Oil Drops and Anxiety - It's no secret that a lot of people are turning to CBD Oil as an alternative to typical anti anxiety medication. When opting for a non addictive natural solution, CBD is a no brainer with it's ease of access and availability over the counter. However it is still important to understand the ins and outs of CBD, and how to best use it for your specific needs. So here we break down the ins and outs of using CBD Oil for anxiety. Read more HERE
  2. Improving your sleep health with CBD Oil - With CBD being reported to have calming properties it's no wonder we regularly get asked if it can help with sleep. With most of our customers they find taking their CBD Oil Drops and hour prior to going to bed the most effective regime, though combining this with a targeted calming CBD Roll On for your temples and neck seems to be the ultimate solution. We guide you through how to use CBD for sleep HERE
  3. CBD Massage Oil - CBD massage therapy has taken the spa and wellness industry by storm and with good reason. With CBDs reported anti inflammatory and calming effects, it's not hard to workout why it has become so popular. With companies working alongside professional massage therapists to develop premium CBD Massage Oils like this. Whether you're someone with a chronic condition or going through sports recovery and needing targeted massage, or if you simply want to up your relaxation for some at home pampering, CBD Massage therapy is certainly a great place to start! 
  4. CBD SkincareCBD Skincare goes beyond simply applying products, but looking deeper into your overall wellness to achieve the best results you could dream of. By improving sleep health, reducing sleep and then utilising its anti-inflammatory properties locally, you can be sure to get the best out of your stubborn skincare concerns with an all natural effective approach! To find out more about the ins and outs of CBD Skincare we have written a guide HERE. 
  5. CBD Tattoo Balms - Due to it's claimed anti inflammatory properties, CBD Tattoo Balms have become increasingly popular particular in the past year. We have seen a huge rise in demand from customers and tattoo shops alike who want a naturally focused CBD Balm to use during the healing and upkeep side of their tattoo experience. This CBD Balm has been touted as ideal due to it's focus on sensitivity, with no added scents or ingredients that don't need to be there. Simply nourishing moisturising oils that will effortlessly absorb into your skin on application. 
  6. CBD Edible Recipes - Everyone loved baking some treats or an excuse to try a new cocktail right? Well look no further! CBD has been used in everything from CBD Gingerbread men up to Super Lemon Haze inspired Gin and Tonics. It's just a matter of knowing how to best infuse your CBD drops into them to make them taste great and effective at the same time! We're no stranger to cooking, so from time to time will share some of our favourite recipes from Christmas favourites up to Sunday roast infusions. Keep your eyes peeled! Recipes this way!
  7. Mental Health Gifts -  After the past few years mental health has become a lot easier to talk about, particularly for men who would typically feel alone with these issues. CBD is a great conversation starter when it comes to mental health, and sometimes just the gift of a mental health support with a months supply of CBD Oil Drops and some pampering body butter/ CBD massage bars can be all it takes to show someone you're there and you care. We break down some key CBD Mental Health gifts and other top tips HERE

The Rise of Infinity CBD

Best CBD Oil Drops UK 2024 online

Among the best practices in the CBD industry we believe that upholding the principles of transparency, empathy, and effectiveness are vital. This isn't an industry to make a quick buck in, but one where people are looking for help with chronic conditions or mental health support. We understood early on how important quality, trust and cost was to those who need these products, which is why went about this business the way we did. We formulated all of our products with feedback from chronic support groups as well as customer feedback in our high street shops. This was to ensure that we didn't release a product until we knew it was effective and simply delivered. In addition to this we have always strived to make our products as cost effective as possible, with built in discounts for those who use CBD daily and need to reduce their day to day costs. 

It hasn't been easy to tow this line, especially during the pandemic and rigerous costs and testing involved with the FSA's Novel Foods process, but we made it and the fact that we are still here with our ever loving support customers says a lot. 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with so many different CBD brands across the world, and have tested a wide range of products, whilst also continually developing our own in our labs. Over the next year we are planning on producing some behind the scenes films to showcase what it takes to work in the CBD and cannabis industry here in the UK, and show you first hand how we make the best CBD Oil Drops the UK has to offer. If you want to stick along for the ride, feel free to signup to our newsletter for updates, as well as giving us a follow on social media (Facebook/ Instagram is where we're most busy!). 

We love collaborating with our companies in this space as well, so if you would like to collaborate, looking for a sponsorship or simply just want to say hey, please feel free to reach out! 

We'd love a chance to be able to share with you our hard work, and offer a free consultation to anyone who's still unsure about where to start! 

Our CBD oil drops are FSA validated, ensuring top-notch quality and safety for our customers, so if you'd like to try them, you can select them HERE


Best CBD Oil Drops UK 2024 online


CBD oil drops have become a popular choice for individuals seeking a natural and effective wellness solution. Whether you're a seasoned CBD user or a beginner, this guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the best CBD oil drops available in the UK for 2024.

Since we first opened our doors in 2018 we have seen a huge difference in peoples perspectives about CBD and Medical Cannabis in general. We used to have older customers almost offended when they realised CBD came from Cannabis before, where as now they are the ones spreading the word and shouting from the rooftops about all of the benefits they've experienced. There's no doubt that as time continues to pass, this acceptance and understanding will continue to spread. 

Education around CBD has been key to our success, and through providing educational talks at support groups and expos, it's helped us see first hand how that has changed. CBD Oil Drops are now the staple in many peoples lives day in day out, and in many cases it has replaced more harmful and addictive habits or prescriptions that could have had long term effects. CBD isn't for everyone, but understanding what it is, how it works and finding out whether it could be for you could be the difference you need to help your wellness battle, and find balance. 

So we hope that you've found this guide useful in breaking down what to look out for, what some of the jargon around CBD means and ultimately help you make a choice about what are the best CBD Oil Drops to buy in the UK. 

Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness routine, and choose a brand that aligns with your wellness goals and principles. Pricing alone isn't an indicator of a good product, and when trace elements of heavy metals/ pesticides could be present, it's not worth risking your health for the sake of saving £5 here or there. After all you've come this far because you are taking your wellness seriously! So always make sure the drops you opt for are lab tested for your peace of mind! 

Well there you have it! I've been Rowan, and if there's anything I can do to help please feel free to reach out and i'll be happy to offer a free consultation, or point you in the direction of any further support you may need! 

Have a lovely day and good luck on your hunt for the best CBD Oil Drops in the UK!