Natural CBD Products - Using Natural Ingredients & Why That's a Plus?

by Rowan Bailey

Using Natural Ingredients - Why That's A Plus?

Healthy eating has become mainstream, encouraging people to think twice before buying any food. What you consume affects general well-being either in a positive or negative way. With the new trend of health awareness, it's no surprise that most consumers are drawn to more natural and safe foods and beverages. These preferences apply not only to food but also to medicine and beauty products. 

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Natural CBD Products 


Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just a physical activity and a balanced diet. Once you experience the benefits of natural food, health products and cosmetics, and compare them to the way things used to be, you will see why you would want to change your habits to a natural lifestyle. 

Natural foods have been given to people by nature. Such food can help you feel great both on inside and outside. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are rich in "life-force" of nature, vital vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which provide positive, natural state of physical and mental balance and vitality. However, human-made, factory-made or synthetic foods are usually highly sugared, salted or processed, and may contain harmful ingredients and artificial additives. These products eliminate useful nutrients and life-giving components needed for optimal person's health. 


Opting For Natural And Organic Products Is Essential For Every Person, But Why?


Less chemicals impact. If you have hypersensitivity to specific components or sensitive skin, you know how it can be easily irritated by products with chemicals, artificial colours and other unnatural ingredients in the composition. Also, if you use skincare products with harmful ingredients, it can result in dry, red and sore skin. Organic products include naturally sourced components, which are effective yet safe for use due to different healing, smoothing and moisturising properties, unlike products with chemicals.

Your body is protected. While being careful with managing health conditions and watching what we consume, it's important to be conscious of what we apply on the skin as well. Skin quickly absorbs every used product, and all ingredients from creams, lotions, and cleansers are absorbed into an organism.

Chemical toxins from most beauty products are hazardous and destructive; however, natural products are made from pure herbs and plant extracts are designed to nourish and protect soft skin instead of working against it.

Safety of smell senses. Artificial fragrances can be an addition to many products to hide the smell of other chemicals used in a composition. Fragranced products and smell of chemicals might cause headaches, watery eyes and respiratory problems in many individuals. Natural health and beauty products are formulated with natural essential oils and plant extracts, which can even provide aromatherapy.

No unexpected side effects. Many companies add artificial components like parabens in formulations to extend the shelf life of manufactured products. Such additives may help a product serve longer while potentially causing side effects that are still being fully discovered.

Modern products use natural preservatives that won't lead to severe responses or affect your body. Although some people can be allergic to a specific natural ingredient, the effects are predictable and easier understood than possible reactions from synthetic components. Another reason to look for Natural CBD products!


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Effective results. Some natural products can work better than their analogues that contain unnecessary fillers, impurities or irritants. Many unnatural products may seem to provide better results after the first try. However, the long-term use of the toxic chemicals that made skin cleaner or hair smoother might cause damage over time.

Clear and transparent composition. In the skincare and beauty industry produced goods aren't fully controlled, and neither are their manufacturing processes. There are little to no government regulations and no lists of required tests, which leads to loopholes that dishonest companies use to their advantage.

As a result, many customers can find skin products and cosmetics that don't meet the legal requirements for safe use. Companies and manufacture might add various unhealthy components and produce goods that haven't been adequately tested.

Choosing natural products can help to avoid harmful ingredients and damage to your skin and body. Also, organic products tend not to be tested on animals.

Savings in the long run. Some organic products can be expensive, however natural doesn't always mean high-priced. Many companies try to make prices affordable for the general public and offer safe products at reasonable costs. Of course, goods with chemicals might be cheaper, but you won’t need to purchase additional products to treat the consequences caused by harmful ingredients, which can save your budget in the long-term. 

Environment-friendly. Products made from chemical ingredients can have a negative influence on the environment. The process of producing chemical-heavy health and beauty products pollutes the air, water and affects nature in a negative way. Also, those dangerous additives and chemicals permeate into our homes that no air purifier can filter. When products are farmed and manufactured organically using environmental-friendly practices, much fewer chemicals are put into the atmosphere. 

Tested by time. Most of the components, herbs and oils added in latest products have been used for centuries and well-known by providing a vast amount of advantages and beneficial effects. All-natural ingredients have stood the test of time and proven their value for health.

Nowadays, the healthcare market offers different food and dietary supplements, while CBD infused products are gathering momentum as consumers are searching for more healthy and effective options to improve wellness.

CBD treatment is becoming a widely used method to manage pain, chronic aches, anxiety, depression and restless sleep and is getting more interest online than other traditional therapies and supplements. CBD provides a natural way to improve health without causing damage, addiction or severe side effects, unlike most prescription medicaments. But, first things first, let's explore what CBD is and what properties it possesses.


Quick Introduction: What Is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic compound extracted from cannabis plants such as marijuana or hemp. There are over 100 different types of components in the cannabinoid family. CBD is the most prominent and useful compound that is widely used due to its benefits and therapeutic properties. 

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CBD intake won't cause a 'high' effect, euphoria or intoxication, unlike another infamous cannabinoid called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 


If you are seeking a safe and pure way to prevent pain, feel calmer and more relaxed, CBD could be the supplement you have been searching for. However, it can seem like a challenge to find quality, high-strength CBD-based products on the market that would include cannabidiol with no traces of THC compound. 


How To Choose The Best CBD Products?

Whether the purpose of buying a CBD infused product is to maintain an active lifestyle or to use CBD benefits for treating ailments and disorders, each customer needs to pay attention to what he or she is purchasing. Before buying any CBD product, make sure you consider the following factors:

Reputable Brand. Choose brands with a professional and ethical approach to their manufacturing processes. Research history of a brand and its reputation on the market, whether they have any awards or certifications to make well-informed buying decisions. Also, consider customer reviews and customer service that can be used as a yardstick to assess a brand's reputation.

Lab Tests. The best way for a manufacturer to stay transparent with the consumers is to deliver Certificates Of Analysis (COA). This document provides detailed information about the product's composition with the exact amounts of each ingredient. COA's are issued by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure accuracy and full data. Always search for COA before purchasing a product or ask the potential seller for this report to confirm the quality and purity of goods.

False statements. Avoid brands that claim to cure, treat or diagnose any ailments by using their products. CBD is an active component that is used as a helping tool to manage symptoms of different diseases and disorders. Although CBD has helped many people, including severe cases, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done before making loud statements.

CBD Source. When you are searching for CBD products, you will notice three main varieties on the market — broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate CBD. 

  • Full-spectrum CBD. It refers to products that contain all cannabinoids from cannabis plants with little THC traces. When cannabinoids are used together, they create a more significant impact. This synergistic effect is known as the entourage effect;
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. These products are infused with a full-spectrum CBD with no THC compound;
  • CBD isolate. Such products don't include THC component nor other cannabis compounds hence why they can't provide a full range of benefits such as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

Ingredients. Many CBD products may contain artificial colouring and flavours, pesticides, GMO and other harmful additives in composition, which can be dangerous for health and general wellbeing. Furthermore, check whether CBD infused products include potential allergens and ask for COA to make sure that your CBD treatment is both effective and risk-free.



Every person aims for a safe and sustainable future, and natural organic products can help in achieving this goal. More individuals realise the importance of using these products to accomplish the desired results that don't depend on the number of chemicals in composition. 

Choosing the right brand and good quality products, whether its food, medicaments or skincare products can help to maintain health, prevent disorders and promote better skin condition without leading to unpleasant reactions.


Opt for natural CBD products to keep your body healthy, live longer and save the planet from toxic chemicals.

Author: Valentina Soldatkina on behalf of Infinity CBD (Thanks Valentina!)