Introducing Green Box

by Rowan Bailey

Green Box CBD Interview 

Green Box CBD

We like to share the love and spread the word about companies in the CBD industry that share the same ethos and approach that we do. In this case we're introducing Green Box one of our resellers who now stock our full range. 

It's been a pleasure working with these lovely people since we first started talking back in 2019. To find out more about who they are, where it all started for them and why they took the leap to join the CBD industry we asked them some questions. So without further delay lets get to it! 

*Disclaimer - The opinions/ views/ claims made within this interview are those of Green Box CBD. 

Green Box Interview

So tell us about Green Box, where did it all begin and what are you all about?

We were looking for natural remedies to help with anxiety and sleep and came across this product derived from the hemp plant called cannabidiol (CBD).   We bought some CBD drops from a local health food store and after a few weeks of use noticed we were calmer and sleeping much better.  When we went to buy the product again, we were a bit concerned about the quality of the product. After exploring online and other stores, we became more convinced there was a place for a plant-based wellness marketplace selling the highest-quality products consumers could trust.  We wanted to share this amazing plant-based wellness trend with as many people as possible so we launched in April.  GreenBox is a modern, health and wellbeing brand, offering wellness advice and a curated suite of clean CBD infused products that are good for your health and good for the planet.

Green Box CBD

Who’s the team and what makes you different from other companies in the CBD industry?


We are a dynamic duo today, and our backgrounds are both finance, based in London. We hold similar roles working with companies of all shapes and sizes and from all over the world. We advise them on strategy and we also help raise capital for them to finance their growth ambitions. Both of us have spent a lot of time in particular with hemp and cannabis companies, too. Our experiences on the corporate side have given us a good foundation into understanding the qualities that could make a brand or product range unique and successful. We’ve also seen many times what strategies don’t work so well, too! We decided to put these learnings together and see if we could be successful running a company, not just watching from the sidelines.


We think we’re different because we believe we understand the pain points for consumers around CBD: Quality, trust, and education. For quality, we require lab reports and a fairly involved onboarding process for each brand. We also conduct our own lab test too. For trust, this has to be built over time, but we have partnered with TrustPilot to build a bank of reviews that signal to new customers that GreenBox can be relied on to do what we promise. And third, education. It’s so important as there is so much misinformation out there today. We have a large body of information on our website for self-education, but we also have a product finder quiz and a live chat app to walk customers through their needs and point them in the right direction.


In your experience what are the most popular kinds of CBD products with your customers?


It’s early days for us as we are newly launched, but we are finding already that CBD oil drops are proving popular. Furthermore, brands which have some authority thanks to a medicinal or pharmaceutical angle also seem to resonate well. Outside of oil drops, we have genuinely found the Infinity CBD topical products to quickly prove popular.

CBD Green Box

Where do you see this industry in 5 years?


This industry is only going to grow. In 5 years, we hope those seeking short term profits who don’t prioritise quality and service have dropped out, and customers have learned which brands out there are trustworthy. We also hope that in 5 years we will not just be talking about CBD, but also CBN, CBG, THC and all the other many wonderful cannabinoids. There is so much the hemp and cannabis plant can offer, and I’m sure the industry will make heaps of progress towards unleashing its benefits over the next five years.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


We have grand ambitions but we know we have to get the basics right first. In 5 years, we’d love GreenBox to be recognized as an authority in plant based wellness and we want to be significant in the forming of this movement. By this time we’d certainly hope to have dramatically widened our range of products from beyond the hemp plant and across many other wonderful botanicals. We also would like to be in a number of European countries and satisfying all the pain points consumers have around health and wellness, be it mind, body, skin or gut.

Infinity CBD Products

How did you first hear about Infinity CBD and piqued your interest?


We’re not 100% how we came across you guys, but we believe we saw your brand on social media and immediately liked the design. When we found out more about the backstory after speaking with the founders and the fibromyalgia group’s involvement in the creation of a range of wonderful natural and botanical infused topicals, we were sold. There are so many brands out there that have a different label but the same product, so it was really refreshing to see a genuinely unique product range that we knew we could trust.

Sustainable CBD Green Box

Since starting what’s the most rewarding experience the company has had?


Hands-down it has been reading reviews of customers who have bought our products and told the world how they are helping them with their ailments. To know that we are making a difference to someone’s life for the better is what it’s all about at the end.


Is there anything you'd like to add?


We’re a young company, and we’re focused on doing the basics really well. Our ultimate desire is to delight our customers and boost their health and wellbeing in a totally natural, plant-based way. We’re excited to be working with Infinity CBD and stocking their wonderful products, and we look forward to a prosperous future together!



So there you have it! We hope you like Green Box as much as we do! We're looking forward to what this collaboration has to come and will keep you all in the loop with any updates from them!