How we're adapting to COVID-19

by Rowan Bailey

Hey everyone!


It’s no secret that the knock on effects of the spread of corona virus are becoming more prevalent everyday. So we wanted to fill you in on our procedures. This includes new steps to maintain our stock levels and implement new precautions in our home delivery orders for peace of mind!


Firstly, we already follow strict manufacturing practices and store all of our products safely ourselves. We don’t have someone else sending out our products from a warehouse. This means that we know they’re safe and sealed from our lab and are handled appropriately before dispatch. We will now be implementing additional sanitisation steps during our packaging for online orders.

Although we don’t believe there is any need to panic buy, we also understand that a lot of our customers don’t want to go without their daily CBD for any period of time. So we will be strategically manufacturing our main products and doing so under even stricter conditions at every step. We already follow extensive procedures to prevent any contamination during manufacturing, however at this time there’s we will be stepping this up even further.


We manufacture most of our products including our CBD Drops and Cosmetics/ Topicals ourselves. This means we have full control over the safety measures and precautions taken at every step. We can ensure that ingredients we use are sealed when they arrive, we will also be able to verify whether they were prepped and sealed prior to the outbreak. This means that in line with our manufacturing practices we have peace of mind that everything is handled and produced safely.


Due to our strict steps, should we receive ingredients that don’t meet our criteria they will be disposed of appropriately and could cause a delay in stock levels as we await replacement. This is unlikely to happen but something we have to prepare for.

Home delivery:

To save you from having to visit our shops we will be offering free postage on all orders, we can’t predict delays within the postal service should there be any but do also offer an upgrade to courier delivery if this becomes and issue. We have experienced some delays with the courier services but they are still operational and looking at alternatives. Local orders can be delivered by ourselves if required.


We hold stock in two primary locations, our offices and on shelves in stores. If we run low on products in our offices to fulfil online orders but we have them in shops we will be using that stock to send out. But all stock will be verified to be sealed, and external packaging disinfected prior to packaging.

Our updated advice on use of our products is as follows:


  • Don’t share your products whether they are topicals or drops.
  • If you use our drops sublingually then use an antibacterial handwash prior to opening. Place your required amount of drops on the tip of your finger and rub it under your tongue. This reduces any contamination with the dropper and the remainder of your CBD drops once reseated. Proceed to wash your hands again after use.
  • If you use our Calm Stick, use antibacterial wipes on the area of use and to clean the roller ball between uses.
  • For our Balm/ Salve use a clean implement to portion out your required amount such as a tea spoon.
  • For chocolates/ gummies sharing is no longer caring. Try and keep your own supply to yourself to prevent cross contamination. With the gummies you can use a clean cocktail stick to remove them individually without touching the inside of the jar with your hands.

Our concerns:


We are confident in our continued manufacturing abilities and being able to post out orders however there are factors outside of our control that can effect our supply chains. If these happen then it will be a first come first serve basis on stock and we won’t be able to hold stock aside for anyone without payment.

Firstly school closures. Half of our team have kids. Our main lab tech Rowan who manufactures the vast majority of our products can’t work if he’s covering the children at home. Although there will be work arounds and he will work through the night to keep up stock levels if need be this could certainly cause delays in restocking. We will be forthcoming with timings of restock via our Facebook pages and email.

Secondly ingredient supply chain. Although unlikely we may have issues if things worsen with specific ingredients being readily available. We are stocking up on our ingredients to prevent this. We will be able to predict any issues with this ahead of time and will be able to inform you all should we expect any issues.

Ok so there you have it! It’s an odd time for sure, and we hope that things ease up and start improving. Although we’ll miss seeing our regular customers in store as often we’d rather you stay safe!

In the meantime, it’s business as usual other than the additional steps on our end.

We hope everyone stays safe!

The Infinity CBD Team