CBD For Fibromyalgia - Dyfed Fibromyalgia Support Group

by Rowan Bailey

CBD For Fibromyalgia 



So this post isn't going to focus on us or our products, this is an opportunity to introduce and recommend a local support group that we have worked with since we launched.


This Fibromyalgia Support group is completely free and accessible via Facebook, it's purely a place to talk to others suffering with Fibromyalgia for support, tips on how to cope and they host regular meetings all over to meet others and host informative workshops. The group is private so it's a safe place for members to be open and share their experiences. 


You can join the group HERE


We first got introduced to Fibromyalgia back in our retail store last year, although we saw a large number of customers with it we didn't know the first thing about it. We looked into it online and had a base understanding of the symptoms but it wasn't until we were invited to one of the workshops and heard first hand about what it's like day to day we truly began to understand it. So when we were asked about CBD for Fibromyalgia we could make informed recommendations.


It was truly eye opening to hear what its like to live with day in day out. Seeing new members overwhelmed when hearing the similarities in stories told by others and then being comforted that they've found the right place was truly heart warming. 


Since then we have attended many of their meetings and seen how much of a positive impact the group has had with their members. Some members who we happened to see on their first meeting have had an incredible transformation in the time that we've seen them. Not in the sense that they have recovered from Fibromyalgia, but the fact they now have the sense of community (if not family!) from the group and knowing that they're not alone. 


Although the group is run from South Wales it's not limited to people from this area with members from all over active in the community. 


The group is run by fibromyalgia sufferers for fibromyalgia suffers, so if you suffer yourself or know someone who does then it's well worth checking the group out. 


Incase you missed it above you can request to join the group via this link using Facebook.


So if you're looking for tips on CBD for fibromyalgia this is the perfect place to find out about hands on experience from fellow members.


Have a lovely day!