CBD Mulled Wine!

by Rowan Bailey

CBD Mulled Wine Infinity CBD

Alright here we go, always a festive classic the warm welcoming mug/ glass/ pint of mulled wine!

Whether it’s alcohol based or not is up to you but always drink responsibly of course if you decide to follow this recipe to the dot as it’s a strong one! 

Firstly why would you want to infused your mulled wine with our CBD Honey? Well because the sweetness from this honey helps lift the flavour of the broad tones in the red wine and bite from the whisky and or brandy. The CBD blends effortlessly into the mix and as long as you don’t over heat your mulled wine it will remain active within your drink. (You’d have to exceed 120C or so to waste the CBD which would also do a way with a lot of the alcohol as well so don’t worry!) 

Infinity CBD Infused CBD Honey

So where do we start? Lets pick your line up, the great thing about mulled wine is when you try someone elses, even if they use the exact same recipe it will still be slightly different. There is so much variety in the key ingredients which allow you to make pairings that suit your pallet and your favourite choices in terms of wines and spirits. 

For this I like to use a dry red wine as a base, simply because we will be adding sweetness with sugar, honey and citrus fruits. Something like a Malbec is perfect in my eyes for this. However equally it will still taste great if you go to the corner shop and grab their cheapest bottle of red so don’t worry! 

Spirit wise it’s another time to get personal, what are you favourite blends/ kinds. By no means do you have to stick to the same choices in the recipe below, these are just what I prefer, feel free to get crazy with it. Heck you could even replace the Brandy with Gin, I can’t promise it’ll be nice as I’ve never tried it but let know if you do! What I would recommend is starting off with the same ratios though as this is a potent drink as is! 



1 Bottle of Red Wine

50ml Vodka

50ml Spiced Rum

25ml Brandy 

20ml CBD Honey 

1 Star Anise

1 Clove

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Lemon chopped

1 Orange sliced

30g Brown Sugar 


To Garnish (If you're fancy an that)

4 x Cinnamon Sticks

4 x Orange Slices 

4 X Star Anise



Genuinely there isn’t much to this. Once you’ve chopped your lemons and oranges you need to get a deep saucepan and throw everything on that list in! If you’re in a rush then simmering this for 10-15 minutes is sufficient however if you want to boost the flavour profiles of the key ingredients I’d advise keeping it on a low heat for a few hours. Not only does this mean that your house is going to smell incredible but it also means you can keep dipping in for tastes and remove ingredients once they’ve reached your desired taste! If you find the cinnamon is too strong then pull out the stick for example! 

Once everything has reached your desired flavour then it’s time to sit back and enjoy! You’ve been warned this stuff packs a punch and I wouldn’t recommend and certainly could not condone driving even just after one of these! Be responsible folks! 

Mulled Wine

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and if you get a chance to make this recipe let us know and send us some photos!! 


- Infinity CBD