CBD Cookies Recipe | Chocolate and White Pretzel

by Rowan Bailey

By far the best CBD Cookies Recipe 

CBD Cookies Recipe UK

Ok before we get started, three main points: 

1 - I ramble a lot about food here so if you just want to get to the recipe and ingredients scroll down :)

2 - These are too easy and too good, so don't blame me if you start making them all the time, or if family members start expecting you too! 

3 - Anyone wanting to try and make some CBD Cookies deserves a discount for some CBD to make them right? The discount is somewhere in the recipe ;) 


I've been taking CBD daily for a long time now, so the initial 'surge' feeling that I would have at the beginning is now not so noticeable. So on certain days where I feel like I need a top-up I'll either have another CBD Honey and Lemon Tea, or some of our Vegan gummies. But when I'm feeling a bit extra (Or just want an excuse to eat some rubbish.) then I'll bake some CBD treats. Seeing as when I write this the whole world is on an isolation lockdown, I can't think of a better time for some comfort food! 

Right let's get into it with these Chocolate, White Fudge covered Pretzel and Maple Syrup CBD Cookies! For the most part, you can swap out the pretzels for other things here, the base for this recipe is a great cookie recipe and is very versatile. Just be aware of adding more moisture/ oil content and balance it out if need be. Typically I go for 200-250 grams of the added filling in these. In the pictures, it was slightly under because I 'accidentally' ate some of the pretzels before they made it in the mix... Another great choice (Not being biased I swear!) is to use some CBD Chocolate in this recipe! How about using our Dark Chocolate Raspberry or Gingerbread CBD Chocolate?

Now I'm not fussy with cookies, they're my weakness. I appreciate the cheap shop bought options equally to high-end bakery ones. Crunchy or chewy come at me, I'm not a cookie snob. But when it comes to making my own at home, they've got to be spot on. That crunch and caramelization around the outside, but a lovely chew to the middle. No sporadic little chips of chocolates but absolute chunks. Whole squares or just roughly chop a bar into massive shards and get them ready to throw in. None of this single type of chocolate nonsense, double or triple at least if only chocolate is being used!

So on my cookie comfort food quest, I stumbled across these White Fudge Pretzels in our cupboard. It was like the stars aligned and some bakery god floated down and presented me with a combination to die for!

Pretzel CBD Cookies Recipe


  • 110g White sugar

  • 200g Brown sugar 

  • 110g Unsalted butter, melted

  • Desired amount of CBD Oil

  • 1/2 teaspoon Rock Salt

  • 1 whole egg

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 3 teaspoons Maple Syrup

  • 200g Plain Flour

  • 1/2 teaspoon (4g) Baking Powder

  • 150-200g Dark chocolate

  • 100g (ish, I ate some..)  White Fudge Pretzels


 So lets begin first up lets get your butter melting gently. You don't want to burn it, but just make melt it and then set aside ready. 

CBD Butter Cookies Recipe

Next up measure out your sugars and add to the butter and mix until combined.

Sugar for CBD Cookies Recipe

You can add classic vanilla essence here but for these I used some maple syrup to help accentuate the dark caramel flavour from the sugar we used. For extracts like vanilla I'd typically say use 1 tablespoon, for the maple syrup I used three tablespoons as it isn't a concentrated flavour.

Maple Syrup CBD Cookies Recipe

You could add more for a more obvious maple tone, but I'm looking for the subtle note to raise the profile of the dark brown sugar use. This is where you now need to decide how many cookies you want to make and in turn how much CBD you need to add. You can make these as big or as small as you like, but out of this mix I made 6 large cookies. You could equally make 12 medium/ small but just keep an eye on them in the oven. I tend to make my cookies 10mg each and here I made 6 so I needed to add 60mg total to the mix. I used our 10% CBD Oil drops which work out at 5mg per drop. So I just needed to add 12 drops to the mix! If I were to make 12 smaller cookies at 10mg each, I would have added 24 drops! 

10% CBD Oil CBD Cookies Recipe

In another bowl measure out your flower, baking soda and salt. I used course sea salt because I like to get the salty hit in spots throughout the cookie, but if you can use ground salt for a more balanced flavour throughout. Mix these all together well in a large bowl ready for when you're going to introduce your wet mix. 

CBD Recipes and Cooking Tips Infinity CBD Cookies Recipe

Chocolate CBD Cookies Recipe

To your buttery sugary bowl add 1 egg and mix in thoroughly. Grab another egg but we only need the yolk from this one. This added yolk gives it an extra chewiness that we all love. Mix these all together until well combined. 

Eggs for CBD Cookies Recipe Infinity CBD

Now introduce your wet mix to your dry mix bowl and thoroughly combine. You'll find that the dough produced is a wet and sticky to the touch but don't worry. 

Wet and Dry Ingredients CBD Cookies Recipe

Mixing CBD Cookies Recipe ingredients Infinity CBD

Grab your pretzels and chocolate and loosely chop them up. We want large shards of chocolate and rough quarters of the pretzels. Once done chuck them in. We're dealing with chunky boys here so mix them as evenly as possible. They won't mix like their lesser cousins the tiny chocolate chip cookie, but they'll get there don't worry. Once all mixed, cover your bowl with a towel and throw your mix in the fridge and leave it in there for 40 minutes. This will make it more manageable for the next step (Trust me if you get impatient here you'll waste a lot of the mix by it being stuck to everything you come in contact with!) Your most of the way to your CBD Cookies now!

Chopped Chocolate and Pretzels for CBD Cookies Recipe

Mixing CBD Cookies Recipe

After your 40+ minutes is up, grab your bowl and start forming small balls in your hands. Nothing fancy to do here other than form equally sized balls with a decent amount of your chocolate and pretzels in each. No need to flatten these, simply place your balls (cookies!) on your baking tray with enough space between them for them to spread out. Don't under estimate the spread, they will touch and you'll end up with one massive frankencookie. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but sharing is caring right? 


CBD Cookie Dough Recipe

CBD Cookie Dough Recipe

When all prepped and looking oven ready, throw them in a 190c preheated oven, smaller cookies will take 8-10 minutes and larger ones such as the ones I made here will take around 11-13 minutes from my experience. But all ovens are different so keep an eye on them!

For an extra pro tip, half way through them cooking simply lift the baking tray a few inches off the shelf in the oven and drop them back onto the shelf or tap them on it a couple of times. This stops the rise in the centre of the cookie and you end up with an extra chewy centre, trust me it sounds odd but the difference is noticeable and worth it! 

CBD Cookies Recipe Infinity CBD


CBD Pretzel Cookies Recipe Infinity CBD

What to do next? Well eat them of course! Oh and possibly take a snap 'for the gram'! So there you have it, an easy to make and great tasting CBD Cookies Recipe! Enjoy!

If you make these, tag us @Infinity_CBD on Insta! We may even send you a free bottle of CBD for your next batch ;) Oh and before I forget, heres your 20% OFF code as a thank you for checking out the recipe and to help you try and make your very own CBD Cookies! Use the code "COOKIES" during checkout for 20% OFF any of our CBD Oil drops!


Pretzel CBD Cookies Recipe