2020 Recap | New Lab, New Products and More! Post Lockdown Update

by Rowan Bailey

Alright so it’s long overdue for an update post 2020 (Plus a cheeky discount)!


We hope you’ve all managed to stay safe and well during this unprecedented time! From our experience it’s hard to meet anyone who hasn’t been impacted by this situation. Whether it’s directly knowing someone who has caught the virus or had work, mental health, their living situation and or relationships severely impacted by this.

It’s now more important than ever to maintain mental health, mindfulness and be there for those around you, even if you can’t physically be with them right now. We appreciate the support you’ve shown us through this period, with limited staff and delays that we’ll mention below that impacted some manufacturing runs, we appreciate the patience and understanding as we have fought to keep things up and running. You’re all the best, thank you!


CBD Cosmetics Lab UK


Yep that’s right, it’s been a long time coming but as things have grown for us we quickly needed to spread out and build something better suited for future expansion. After some work to get it up to scratch for our needs, and an accident involving a thumb almost being cut off we now have two new fully operational labs where we manufacture our cosmetics and edibles!

If running a business teaches you anything, if something can go wrong it will. Moving into the new facility was no exception. At a time where we thought the team would be freed up to be back in action, several issues arrived as a result of adapting to covid, reopening shops to the public and family matters. On top of that Rowan almost managed to cut his thumb off whilst prepping the floor in the new lab, he is now a self proclaimed muppet with a Frankenstein thumb. Although there has been severe tendon damage resulting in surgery, it didn't interrupt production too badly and is the majority of the way back to previous function!

Our new cosmetics lab is now larger and designed from the ground up for efficiency. As always we make all of our cosmetics ourselves in small hand made batches. So being able to spread out and create a more effective production line means that we can now effectively manufacture in larger quantities whilst keeping up the attention to detail required for our formulations. 

Our edibles lab is now also much more streamlined with space for multiple productions to take place at the same time. This will enable us to expand on our white labelling efforts and broaden the range of what we can produce in the future. Happy days! Watch this space!


Carbon Neutral CBD

Carbon Neutral!

We’re also proud to announce that our lab is now running on completely carbon neutral electricity! Although our manufacturing processes don’t require large amounts of power due to being hand made and poured, every little helps! Behind the scenes we’re forever running multiple laptops to maintain the website and orders, not to mention our media production and security. So being able to do all of these using Carbon Neutral power is a big deal for us! Yes we’re a relatively small company but whenever we can make little changes like this we feel it’s important to grab the opportunity! 

So our products are now carbon neutral during manufacturing! As our customers are from all over the world we can’t avoid the need for postage and it’s associated carbon footprint, but once we have managed to train our ethically sourced, cruelty free delivery Griffins we’ll let you all know! 


Infinity CBD Trademark


Yep, we also successfully registered the Infinity CBD Trademark, which is why you'll now notice the cheeky little ‘R’ next to our logo.

It’s no secret that we’ve had a fair few look alike and blatantly like for like companies/ products land in the UK market. We take this as a massive compliment, clearly we’re doing something right with our branding and products. However we’re only a small team and protecting our brand means we’re protecting what we’ve built to support our families and continue to provide products that our customers rely on daily. So it was a major milestone for us as we continue to build our dream. 

Award winning CBD Dispensary UK

Award Winning

As many of you know, we started off in the CBD industry with our dispensary Pembrokeshire CBD Centre back in 2018. It was via market research, direct customer feedback and working with local support groups that we managed to formulate our recipes and refine our products prior to launching Infinity CBD. 

Our dispensary has been hit hard by the lockdowns as they're physical shops however we have still been able to do local pickups and postal deliveries. With the support of our customer base it's still going strong.

Then we were caught off guard when we had a phone call informing us that we'd won one of the Cannavist award! We won the 2nd place award for Best Dispensary thanks to our customers who nominated us without us knowing! 

We are beyond flattered, humbled and in awe of our incredible customers! So thank you to each and every one of you who voted!!


Vegan CBD Gummies UK

New Products! 

Many of our customers and resellers have known that we’ve been wanting to release some new products for a while now and were about to do so just before lockdown. Our supply chain for new packaging, labels and ingredients has been stretched beyond belief during these times so we have had to put a hold on many of these. Unfortunately we cant predict these delays but we have have finally managed to iron out the last few of these issues and will be extending our current line with a couple of new strengths and some cheeky permanent price drops incoming as we can pass the savings on to you! 

We have now already released our Vegan CBD Gummies and additional strengths of Muscle Salves with an incredible reception! 

CBD Muscle Salve Back rub uk

Refining our packaging 

We're trying to do our best for the environment where we can. Often this is something easier said than done especially when a relatively small company. 

So as well as releasing new products, we've also revisited some of our current line up to further improve on the packaging. First up was our Infinity Salve, which previously was in a heavy glass bottom jar with a plastic gold lid. We absolutely loved the way these looked and would constantly get compliments from new customers about how it looked. However there were two issues, firstly many people would use it after going to the gym or like to have it on them for top ups on the go. However as the jar was quite heavy it wasn't the most practical solution. Secondly the plastic lid wasn't always recyclable by local councils. So we set out to find a more lightweight solution that reduced the plastic waste to make it easier to recycle and carry with you. Furthermore we also dropped the price point and introduced two more strengths! Check them out HERE

CBD Tablets UK Infinity CBD Orbs Wales

In addition to our Muscle Salve, we also improved upon our CBD Tablets the Infinity Orbs. Previously these came in a pop top plastic jar, so we decided to swap that out for an amber glass bottle with a metal lid. Easy to split and recycle no matter where you live :) We've also decreased our price point on them too, so win win right? Check them out HERE


Ok so there we have it, a few cheeky updates for you lovely peeps. As we're still in a lockdown currently we are still operating on reduced staff, but we're still posting out and available for local collection! 


Oh and in the spirit of not letting COVID-19 get the better of us, here's 19% off our CBD Drops! Discount code: 'BETTER2021'

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- The Infinity CBD Team