Hemp and CBD Expo Birmingham – On Reflection

by Rowan Bailey

Hemp and CBD Expo Infinity CBD

Hemp and CBD Expo


Last weekend saw the undergoing of the second UK Hemp and CBD expo held at the Birmingham NEC; and what an event it was!

The innovation and products on show were certainly at a high level, and all signs suggest that the UK market is most definitely on the up.

Infinity CBD Chocolate Tasting

Here at Infinity CBD we feel truly humbled by the wave of positive feedback we received both at the Hemp and CBD Expo, and in customer testimonials received since. It seems people are enjoying our products as much as we do.

The hemp and cbd expo provided a duo of exciting releases from Infinity CBD. Firstly, our range of Full spectrum artisan chocolate impressed, and kept people coming back for a second try, and a third, and a……. well you see where this is going. Here’s what you’ll want to know about the chocolate:

orange and honeycomb CBD infused milk chocolate

Quality, traceability and peace of mind are central to the Infinity CBD mission, so naturally when it came to developing our chocolates with one of the UK's preeminent master chocolatiers, it was vital that their approach to their craft was synonymous with our ethos. 
Only the best, sustainably sourced and traceable ingredients are used, enabling us to marry our single source CBD, rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, with the correct flavour profiles and textures in the chocolate to create what we believe to be the best CBD infused chocolate available in the UK. 
Flavours: Orange and Honeycomb, Mint, Raspberry Dark and Ginger Bread. 
Dosage: 120mg in every bar, thats 5mg per square of chocolate. 

It’s safe to say the release of our chocolate went off without a hitch, earning an honourable mention in the ‘best edible’ award category to boot. 

Along with our chocolate, there was also an official release for our CBD VR experience. The experience was enjoyed in conjunction with our flagship product ‘CALM STICK’.

CBD Mindfullness Experience


CBD VR Experience. CBD Guided Meditation VR


One of the key reasons behind creating the Calm Stick with its lavender essential oil is to aid with relaxing and taking a step back. Although it's great for topical relief it also has great results when being applied to the interior of your wrist or pressure points and temples. To bring that forward even further one of our directors Rowan Bailey developed a 360 VR guided meditation experience to utilise along with the Calm Stick.

Infinity CBD Calm Stick Guided Mediation VR Experience

At the show we had a comfortable armchair set up, when approached we introduced customers to the Calm Stick and its many benefits whilst applying a small amount to their wrists, neck and temple. Then once they were ready they were setup with the VR head set and welcomed into a calming experience. Initially you are taken through the properties of the Calm Stick and how we developed it whilst it's being absorbed into your system. Once a couple of minutes passed the guided reflection and meditation began. 

CBD VR Experience Calm Stick

Opening looking over a vast mountain scape with the winds blowing past you a gentle voice begins guiding you through some basic breathing techniques and aids you in reflection and gratefulness before leaving you on your journey to take a 5 minute break from your day. 

CBD VR Experience Guide Meditation CBD

The experience slowly changes location into a starlit valley where you can observe the stars flying past as you come to the end of your experience. 

The reaction to the immersive CBD VR experience was phenomenal. As expected the initial reactions were taken as it being a gimmick but once the concept was introduced and people set foot into the experience that immediately changed. We spoke to developers to further refine the project and aim to have it as an accessible option for our retailers to have in store as an opportunity to showcase the effects that CBD and basic breathing techniques can have on your well being. 

Guided CBD VR Experience

All in all we came away very proud from this expo. The expo exceeding all expectations for us and we already can't wait for the next! 

Welcome to all of our new customers and clients and for those of you who couldn't make it, we hope to meet you at another Hemp and CBD Expo! 


Infinity CBD