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Vanilla & Honey Frothed CBD Iced Coffee Recipe

Best CBD Coffee recipe UK Vanilla and honey iced coffee

CBD coffee is the staple of my morning before anything else. It's one of the easiest ways I find to track my dose and keep it consistent. 

I can't start my day without coffee, so by having my bottle of CBD Drops right next to the kettle, it reminds me of the most important thing when using CBD, consistency! 

So although you can easily make CBD coffee with black coffee, instant, or anything that takes your fancy, here i've got a great way to blend that CBD in using a lovely local honey as the sweetener. As things slowly start getting warmer this year we also figured we'd tried going iced this time! 


Best CBD Oil for CBD Coffee recipe UK

Quality Ingredients

Step 1 

You can do this the fancy way by making espresso with your machine/ gadgety thing, or just make yourself a strong coffee shot using instant coffee. We're not snobs, if it tastes good and it works then happy days! 

So first up - CBD? You have to use the best quality CBDoil from a reputable brand to ensure that you can rely on the dosage being accurate. For a CBD coffee a typical dose would be 10-25mg. As with all oils, they float on water, so we advise choosing a strength of CBD Oil that achieves your dose with the least amount of drops. So for 10mg, a 2,000mg bottle would be perfect requiring only one single drop! Or to save money, opt for the 1,000mg bottle and only use two drops! 

Next - Honey & Vanilla! We recommend a locally sourced honey (1 tablespoon), especially if you suffer with hayfever, and for vanilla any coffee syrup will do but you could be fancy and use an extract! 

Place all of these in your hot espresso/ coffee shot and use a frother like THIS. Take your time. You want to keep frothing this until the coffee binds and produces a consistent foam. 

CBD Iced Coffee Recipe UK online

The money shot

Step 2

Once your coffee is whipped, place ice in your glass and pour over. Take a moment to enjoy how lovely it looks and grab your favourite milk. 

We found the approach of frothing the coffee with the honey in the first step meant we could use substantially less milk than usual as it added so much volume. 

Best CBD Coffee recipe with honey and vanilla

Finish With Milk

Step 3


It really is that simple, the hardest thing about CBD coffee is ensuring that you have a good quality product like these CBD Oil Drops. This means you'll know exactly what dose you are getting, as well as that they'll taste great in this recipe! 

One of the major pros of this recipe is that due to the way it is frothed, there are no issues with the oil floating on top as it blends so well! But you may want to over estimate the dose slightly to account for any CBD left in the glass/ stuck to the edges due to how thick this foam is! 

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Vanilla and honey CBD Iced Coffee recipe uk

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Mae diodydd wedi'u trwytho â CBD wedi mynd â'r byd gan storm, gan gynnig tro unigryw i ddiodydd traddodiadol. O de rhew adfywiol i siocledi poeth lleddfol, mae diodydd wedi'u trwytho â CBD wedi dod yn fwyfwy poblogaidd oherwydd eu buddion iechyd posibl. Mae'r cyfuniad o olew CBD gyda latte sbeis pwmpen cynnes a chysurus yn ffordd berffaith o ddechrau eich boreau cwympo. Yn yr erthygl hon, byddwn yn archwilio cynnydd CBD latte, yn trafod buddion iechyd olew CBD, yn ymchwilio i duedd sbeis pwmpen, ac yn darparu rysáit latte sbeis pwmpen CBD blasus i chi ei fwynhau yng nghysur eich cartref eich hun.

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